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Consultation During the initial consultation meet with the family, review the items to be sold, and develop a plan for your sale.


When we start to set up the sale, we go through the house room by room, drawer by drawer and organize the items in the house by category.


Each item is displayed to its best. We bring tables, shelves and display racks to the home to make sure we have enough display space.

Pricing & Research

We have a talented team of pricing experts that are familiar with the types of items we see on a regular basis and check online prices where needed. They’re also able to research large collections and special items. In addition we have experts in areas such as vintage jewelry, pottery, vintage clothing and clocks that we consult as needed.


We advertise on EstateSales.NET, Facebook and on our website!


The days of the Estate Sale are busy ones. We have ample, friendly staff to help customers with their purchases. We try to

sell as much as we can so that there is as little as possible left over.


After the sale we can arrange donation of any remaining items to a local non-profit and leave the house broom swept.

Clear-out Services

If you don’t need a full estate sale, we offer a clearout service on a per hour basis.

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